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It is with great excitement that Toys for Africa would like to present to you our World Record Attempt for the Longest Line of Pencils at Laerskool Hennopspark on the 19th of October (Friday).

Since September 2010, Toys for Africa has the mission to hand a new toy or stationery to every underprivileged child in South Africa and to date we have met over 328 000 children with this passion.

With the World Record Attempt, we aim to raise enough funds to ensure 100 000 children across Centurion (and then Pretoria) have the necessary stationery to write their yearend exams.

Our very own television shows will cover this event, and we will have newspapers, radio and other television channels present, while also covering the entire event via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

We will also have celebrities involved.

Our banner for the day will be the Rights of Children to Basic Education.

We need sponsors and would like to ask you to please be so kind to consider taking hands with us on this project and helping us help the children of Centurion.

The World Record Attempt will be done around the 2 school rugby fields, including every learner of the school.

In the middle of the 2 rugby fields and the World Record Attempt, sponsors will be able to setup marketing material and stands. The marketing spot sizes will depend on the sponsorship package(s) chosen. Marketing Spots will be divided as exhibition spots and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The current record is 859 meters of pencils. We aim to have a line of at least 1 kilometer.

Should you want to break up your marketing spots in to 2 or 3 spots, all packages from package 4 is welcome to discuss that with us.

Benefits of being a sponsor of the World Record Attempt:
• Section 18A Certificate for donations
• Media publicity (Radio, Television and Newspaper)
• Traction on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)
• Company logo on postings on the web page created for the World Record Attempt
• Assistance in making sure the children of Centurion have the stationery to participate in their own yearend exams

Thank you for your time and we look forward to positive feedback and a wonderful World Record Attempt at Laerskool Hennopspark.

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