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One of the best feelings in the world is receiving new things. We all know that feeling. A new shirt maybe, or a book you have been dying to read.

Of course, for children – it’s toys. Action figures of their favourite characters. Princesses from popular movies.

Some of us are lucky enough to give these things to our children. We are able to experience the joy in our children; the excitement, the rush. What a feeling it brings into a household, watching them invent new games to involve their toys in their daydreams and fantasies.

While we are lucky enough as parents to provide these memories for our children, there are many parents out there that cannot say the same. Apart from giving toys, they struggle to provide just the basics to fulfil living conditions for themselves and their children.

Imagine yourself receiving a gift. A gift you were never expecting because you didn’t even know it existed. That emotion of excitement, happiness and feeling blessed can be overwhelming. The question is; why would this be a bad feeling? For these children (keep in mind, some of them never having seen a toy in their lives), this means the world. A small teddy bear could be a child’s lifetime friend; where feelings of love, importance and acknowledgment surface for the first time.

Why would we not want to inforce such feelings? Not just for one child, or two or three. For every single child walking this earth who has no idea how much love can fill up his world by receiving a toy to be his or her own.

This is where Toys of Africa fills the role; being a charity that puts a smile on a child’s face every day in South Africa. We need more organisations like this; going out of their way to make a child’s day (and life) pleasant and complete. Who can say no to a child’s bright smile and tears of joy running down their little cheeks?

We often take what we have for granted, and don’t appreciate all the blessings we experience in our lives. For those that don’t have anything for that matter know what it is like to experience the joy of being blessed and looked after.
A thought to leave you with: The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.

Guest Writer
Anastasiya Meintjes

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